Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Scales are funny things

Yesterday morning was my weekly weigh in for the Biggest Winner progress check and after my challenging ride I got on the scale.  The number wasn't quite what i had expected - 423.4.  I had hoped for it to be less, but it wasn't.  I was back to where I had been 2 weeks before (before Easter weekend and the feeding frenzy).

This morning I didn't ride as when the alarm went off, I was just too tired to get my butt up and out there.  Imagine my surprise, then when I got on the scale and it showed 420.4.  I couldn't believe it so I got off and back on to double check.  Yep 420.4.  I had lost 3 pounds overnight by not exercising.

OK, I realize that the weight is probably mostly water weight and that there is no way I could truly lose that much fat overnight, but I was very happy to see that number on the scale!

Now we did change our eating this week.  We went back to the low-cab Atkins type eating plan.  I know this works for me and from he scale I would say its true.  For the duration of the Biggest Winner, we are going to stick to low-carb and see how much we can melt away.