Saturday, March 23, 2013

Broken spokes

I decided today, that despite the cooler temps (only in the mid 40's) and the stronger wind (10 to 20 mph with higher gusts) that I still needed to get out and ride.  So I did just that.  It didn't start out too bad despite not having my cycling gloves.  Shortly after hitting Blue Diamond road a cyclist passed me (without so much as a 'Hi' or 'on your left' by the way) and it enticed me to pick up the pace for a bit to try and stay with him.

The wind was a bit of a combination crosswind/tailwind and I was feeling pretty good, but never really warmed up.  I never found a decent rhythm either and within a quarter mile or so realized that trying to give chase wasn't the best of ideas.

I slowed back to my 'normal' (slow) pace and I was making progress but it was slower going than I would have thought it should be.  I had expended more energy than I thought and I ended up resting a few miles from home.

Shortly after my rest another cyclist passed me and I ended up sliding off the pavement into the gravel.  I didn't go do or anything but it made me think that today wasn't a good day to ride.  I decided to just keep going as I wanted to do at least 15 miles today.  Once I hit Highway 159 and made the turn, I stopped for another quick rest to catch my breath.  I decided that getting to the Gypsum mine was my goal for the day.

30 yards later that plan changed when I heard a noise and looked down to my by rim to see a wobble.  At least one of my spokes had broken.

I quickly decided that was enough for the day, but not wanting to call for a pick up, I decided to just nurse the bike home on the downhill leg of the ride.  The wobble meant the rear brakes were rubbing and keeping my speed in check anyway, so I more or less coasted home.

Total distance was only 9.25 miles and total time was 1:01.  9 mph average.

I'm really starting to think these 700 c wheels on the Diamondback are not for me right now.  Maybe after I lose 100 lbs, but they just don't seem to stand up to the stress currently.