Saturday, February 28, 2015

Proud Grandpa!!!!

I'm proud of all 3 of my grandsons.  They just finished up the winter season basketball league.  I'm still working on a bit of video editing (and learning the tools) but had to share this quick video I put together from my oldest grandson's last game of the season.  He hits a 3 pointer, stops an offiensive rush and then steals the ball for a game ending lay-up.

Here it is (watch #14 in the gray):

Well Done Jacob!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

So much has changed

I had started a post about my first ride back on the bike in 3 months.  It was to commemorate the start of the Ride with GPS challenge I accepted.  I actually got in a nice 5+ mile ride last Friday and a 3+ mile ride on Saturday. The problem is I haven't ridden since Saturday.  Life has gotten in the way.  Not physically but more mentally.

I was going to talk about how little pressure was left in my tires after sitting for 3 months and about how terribly slow and out of shape I felt while at the same time feeling exhilirated about riding again.  I had even planned on riding again Sunday evening.  But then Life happened.

To make a long story short there was a stolen and then recovered car, lots of waiting for dealers and appraisers and others.  There is the inconvenience of being down a vehicle.  Really these are all nothing more than excuses.

I certainly acknowledge that I am using these events as excuses not to ride, but frankly riding has been the last thing on my mind lately. Sure I've had the fleeting thought that I should ride, but never at an opportune time to actually do it. It would probably have helped lower my stress level, but I just didn't have the attitude nor willingness to get on the bike.  I need to change that and integrate the bike more into my daily routine.  I just may need to start getting up at 4:00 am again on work days to get my riding in.

The good news is, even through all the stress, I didn't turn to food for comfort.  That is a big deal.  I have continued the progress in the weight loss and am happy to report I am down 20 lbs. in a month. So at least I am still doing something right.

Time to take my own advice and...

Get on my bike and ride!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Challenge Accepted

Dave Wright challenged me in the comments yesterday to join a challenge on Ride with GPS.  The challenge is designed to help you keep your Resolutions.  The challenge is to ride so many miles per day starting Febreuary 6 through March 2nd. There are different levels to the challenge, depending on your cycling ability.  The lowest level is to ride five miles per day.  I have accepted the challenge.

To put this in perspective, I haven't been on my bike since I ended my 180 personal challenge on 11/11 last year.  On top of that my last ride of 5 miles or greater was on 10/3 when I rode 5.7 miles.  So, I have my work cut out for me, but it is a good thing!

Anyone else want to join the challenge?

Get on your bikes and ride!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Moving in the right direction

OK, let's not make too big a deal about it, but I've figured out an amazing thing.  If you eat less calories than you are burning, you can lose weight.  I know it's true because I have experienced it first hand.  Sure the types of calories are important too, but the basic formula works.  If calories burned > calories consumed then weight decreases.

The problem with this for most people (including myself) is that this is boring!  It takes time, persistence and diligence to actually get to a goal, but it does get you there. We are so used to things happening quickly in our lives that we look for the quick fixes to lose weight. From my experience 95% of them don't work over the long term.  They are normally missing something or are too restrictive that makes them untenable for more than a moth or two at most.

I'm happy to report that my adherence to consuming less than I am burning has led me to weight loss progress.  This morning I weighed in at 449 lbs.  That means I have lost 14 lbs. since January 21 (13 days), better than 1 lb. per day. I know my initial weight loss is accelerated and will slow, but I am so happy to have made this big of a change so fast.  I can literally feel the difference in my body with this amount of weight gone.

So moving forward I do need to get into the more active side of things and I will get on my bike.  Seems like mother nature is taunting me with some gorgeous days right now and unfortunately I have other obligations, but I will make time to get out there.

Get on your bikes and ride!