Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 Tour De Cure Report

Today was the 2013 Tour De Cure Las Vegas.  Thank you for all those who sponsored me.

I was up early and had to wait around at home since registration wasn't until 9:00 and the 30 mile course start wasn't until 10:00.  I couldn't wait around all morning and actually got to registration early and picked up my number:

I also picked up my t-shirt and took it to the van.  Then it was a matter of waiting for the start.

To pass the time I ran by and talked to J from ProCyclery who was manning the bike check.  Thanks J!!!!

Finally it was time to line up for the start:

And then we were off!

As is normally my modus operandi, I faded towards the back of the pack leaving the start line.  Eventually I was riding behind another rider - Juan.  He was a red rider.  He was setting a very comfortable pace and I resisted sprinting around him on the flat/slight incline we started on.  However we hit a small downhill and I couldn't hold back, I let the gravity assist boost me forward hoping to get a good run up the next hill.  It wasn't enough, but I was able to ride up the next hill.

We continued on and it was getting warm, but I was enjoying the ride.

The next hill was more than I could handle.  Lots of people were walking their bikes so I did the same.  It sure felt like walking was as hard as biking up the hill.  I had to stop several times on the way up.  Juan caught up to me and he was awesome.  When I had to stop and rest he stopped as well and encouraged me on.  Thanks Juan!

To make a long story short, there were 4 or 5 more tough hills that meant lots more walking and I was getting hot and tired.  We did hit a few decent downhills and I surely enjoyed them.

We got to what is essentially the lowest point and started up the next little hill and I was really done.  Juan stopped with me as did the SAG.  Juan talked to me about going to sit in the SAG to cool off, but I knew I was not going to continue.  I really think it was a combination of the heat, bad nutrition and a lack of hydration.

One great lesson I learned - if you are going to ride hills in the heat of the day, then you should train on hills in the heat of the day! :)

Next year I will conquer this!

Thank you to the Lions Club for manning the SAG vehicles and giving me the lift back to the start.