Monday, August 21, 2017

Stop the hate!

I'm sorry but I have to digress from my normal posts to post something that I just don't understand.  How can you hate someone for the color of their skin or the religion they profess?  I just don't get it. I can see disliking someone based on their actions towards you, but to just hate someone for the way they look is just wrong!

I had the TV on over the weekend and some news report was doing a bit of "in depth" reporting on the recent violence and they were interviewing a young couple in Virginia and the interviewer asked the woman point blank if she believed that Jews and blacks should be killed because they are Jews and Black.  her response haunts me.

As she stood there with one young child in her arms and another playing near her feet, she flat out said "yes, they need to be killed."  I couldn't believe I heard it correctly so I rewound (the beauty of having a DVR) and replayed the question and answer and that is what she said. I was and am dumbfounded.  Not only does she have this belief but she is obviously teaching it to her children from a very young age.

I had hoped that they would follow up with other questions to get to the reasons she had for this belief but of course being a news program after ratings, they left it at that.  What is scary to me is how easily she was able to say they should all be killed.

I will confess that I am not a religious scholar , but I have looked into the beliefs of several of the world's major religions and from what I have seen, at their heart, they all have a message of love and I cannot reconcile that with the hatred that so many groups profess int eh name of religion.  I was brought up as a christian and no where in the teachings have I seen where we should kill.  In fact it is one of the 10 commandments that we should not kill.

How can we get people to stop hating others?  What can we do to promote unity and tolerance?  I just don't know.  One thing I do know is that we certainly need to find that answer before we wind up killing ourselves off.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

2016 100 MON straight off the couch in Las Vegas Edition

 Here is a post I started to write last year, when I did the ride, but never published:


So, today was the date for the 100 Miles of Nowhere, straight off the couch in Las Vegas edition. I won my division but it was a shortened event and was more like 100 Minutes of Nowhere.  There is a lot to be said for conditioning and training when you are looking to complete an event like this.

To set the stage, I rode my bike a single time in the 6 months leading up to the event.  Not what you would call an ideal training plan.  I was also carb loading for a good 2 to 3 months before the event as well.  So you can see, I was certainly ready for the big day - NOT.

The weather cooperated with abundant sunshine, temperatures starting in the low 60's and not too much in the way of wind.  I had been scouting the area near the house for an appropriate course and settled on a tour of  the cul-de-sacs in my neighborhood.  It certainly made for an interesting Strava Track:

I chose the course, not for the art of the Strava track, but because it was right outside my door adn it was basically flat - 2 of my biggest criteria for the ride.

I started off strong but within the first 3 miles realized that I was no longer acclimated to riding a bike as it started to feel uncomfortable sitting on the seat.  In fact that was the one thing that really impacted me and helped to shorten the event - I was not accustomed to sitting on the bike seat and it hurt!

I made myself continue on and didn't take any breaks until I had completed over 10 miles of the ride.  I then headed into the house to hydrate, eat a little snack and give my rear a bit of relief.  I then went back out and completed another 7 miles or so before taking another break.  Then I completed the last 5 miles to get over 22 miles for the ride.

You might wonder why I chose that distance.  Well, I had originally hoped to do an organized ride on this day the Ride to Recovery Honor Ride, but I had never signed up, so I decided that I would ride the same distance in support of 100 Mon instead.  I'm happy I was able to do it and I know that next year I will be in much better shape and go for the whole 100.


That is what I wrote just after the ride. I had planned on going back and doing some editing and plan for the next year, but I never did.  Now, here it is 9 months later and I have only been on the bike once since then.  Time to get back on it and get ready if I have any hope of riding this year.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I'm still here, all evidence to the contrary

Hello.  I am still here and I check on my blog every once in a while over the last year or so.  I just haven't felt like posting anything as I feel like I haven't done anything worth posting.  I have been trying to do the right things and eat better and lose weight.  One area that I have been neglecting over the last year has been the physical activity side of things.  I know that I need to change that and as such I know posting here will help.

It will help me to set goals and measure progress towards those goals.  I realize that without having a firm goal to strive towards I founder.  I'm tired of foundering. I need to get myself in a much better place physically.  I want to get off my medication for my blood pressure and the only way to do that is to lose the weight and increase my physical fitness and activity levels.

So, even if no one is reading this (and truthfully I will be surprised if anyone does after my neglect of this blog), I am going to try to post at minimum 3 times per week to work on getting my self focused and heading once again in the right direction.

This is but a short and sweet post to say I'm back.  I will be posting more in a day or two about where I am physically and what has been going on during my absence from here.