Friday, April 19, 2013

My ride is ready!!!!

Was very excited today when my cell rang and it was ProCyclery letting me know that my bike was ready for me to come and get it.  I got in the van and headed to check her out with her news wheels and tires.'
J at ProCyclery assures me that these wheels are "stout."  Just what I want to hear.

I got there and they wheeled her out and she was sexy with her new look:

Specifically the new wheels are Velocity Chukker rims, with 36 spokes woven in a 4x pattern and Shimano 105 hubs.

As you can see they are clad in Continental GatorSkins in 700 x 32mm 

Haven't ridden more than a half mile yet, but she felt really nice!  I can't wait to take her for a longer ride tomorrow.

Watch for my full report then!