Wednesday, October 2, 2013

No issues

What a difference a day makes.  Also, how dependent can we be on technology?

As I detailed at the end of yesterday's post, I had some issues yesterday morning with gadgets that I usually depend on.  It got me to thinking about how dependent we can become on gadgets and on measuring ourselves.

The one gadget that stopped me from riding yesterday was my headlight.  Its not that I need it to see as I'm riding because admittedly it sheds very little usable light for that purpose.  No, the real use of my headlight is safety.  Namely to greatly increase my visibility to the bleary eyed motorists in the wee hours of the pre-dawn.  Could I have ridden yesterday without my headlight?  Sure I could have, but I feel that it would have decreased my safety to an unreasonable level.  Now if I didn't have to share the streets with 2 ton vehicles, then I would have ridden without my headlight, no problem.

The other piece of equipment that failed me yesterday was my Garmin.  I suspect the grand kids may have been playing with it and that is why the battery was dead.  Regardless, the question becomes, if there is no Garmin data, and thus no Strava record, did the ride occur?  I say yes, but it occurs differently.  Now I don't obsess over my pace and split times, ma speed, etc. while I am riding.  I normally just do what feels right at the moment with a thought to the distance I am riding, but I do depend on the Garmin record for "housekeeping" in terms of recording month to date and year to date progress, etc.

I sort of prided myself on having a complete record of my rides for the past 3+ years and now it is incomplete as I rode without my Garmin yesterday.  Have I ridden before without it?  Sure, but I wasn't under a self-imposed challenge to meet a mileage goal at the time. Did I worry about trying to record those non-Garmin recorded rides?  Usually, no, but sometimes yes.  What I'm getting at is that sometimes we can become too wrapped up in the details and the minutiae of a task and forget the important points - we are having fun and riding our bikes.

With that said - have fun and get on your bike and ride!!!!