Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Update #6

Weekly progress update.

Today's Weight: 424 LBS
Weekly Loss: -1.6 LBS
2012 Loss: 10.0 LBS
Daily Calorie Target: 2200
Daily Net Carb target: 20 g

I'm very disappointed in what the scale shows this week.  I'm not sure why its showing a gain.  I was under my net calorie goal for all but one day this week and my net carbs ranged from 17 to 24 g per day.  I had 3 days of exercise, with this morning being the most burn at 771 calories according to MFP.

In looking at my reports for the week, I suspect that sodium is the culprit.  My go to low carb foods seem to have a large amount of sodium in them resulting in daily sodium intake of 2 to 4 times the RDA.  I'm guessing this could be the reason for the gain.  Going to try and watch what I eat and see if I can't lower the sodium significantly.  I'm also going to increase my water consumption to try and flush away some of the sodium.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There is just something about riding that I love.  I can't put my finger on it exactly, but something about being propelled forward, faster than you could walk or run, through your own power is magical.  Sure it takes work. Sure it isn't easy, especially for someone of my size, but the fact that I can do it is awesome.

I know that if I push down on the pedal, I will move forward.  I also know that if I need a short rest, I can stop pedaling and glide along for at least some short distance.  That is the truly magically component.

Add in a decent downhill grade and there is that feeling of flying that so many people have expressed when talking about cycling.

Its the magical feeling I get that gets me up at 4:10 in the morning to go for a ride.  Sure its helping me to get healthy and to lose weight, but those are really secondary to the enjoyment of riding.

I've tried riding the spin bike and I find it a chore and I find the magic missing.  I'm not going anywhere.  I can't just rest for a moment and glide along.  I'll only ride it as a last resort.

Unfortunately my lack of riding over the last 6 months has drastically cut into my fitness which has reduced the amount of time I am currently riding.  This will change with consistent riding, I know.  Losing some of the weight I gained going into and through the holidays will help as well.

I am actually a bit impatient with myself and the time and work its taking to regain some of the fitness and endurance I had last year.  I need to start pushing harder and longer to get to where I want to be.  I want to be one of those riders who can knock out a century ride on the weekend on a whim.  I'm no where close at this point.

I do have one goal in mind for this year.  That will be to ride from my house up to Mountain Springs and back. There is some serious climbing along the way, but I know, if I stick to the training and do the consistent work, I can be in shape to do the ride this year.

Stay safe and RIDE!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Update #5

Weekly progress update.

Today's Weight: 422.4 LBS
Weekly Loss: 1.8 LBS
2012 Loss: 11.6 LBS
Daily Calorie Target: 2200
Daily Net Carb target: 20 g

 This week was a transition week for me. Nasty weather and a switch from strictly counting calories to Atkins (Low-carb) saw me carb loading on Friday and Saturday. I'm feeling better about my diet and showing a 1.8 lb loss after all I ate while carb loading is proof that my body responds better to low-carb as opposed to low calorie eating.

 I did get out this morning and ride for 22 minutes. While it was shorter than planned I was glad I got out there. All of the activity this weekend is going to be a challenge in terms of riding, but I know I can get in at least one day out of the three.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Update #4

Weekly progress update.

Today's Weight:  424.2 LBS
Weekly Loss:  0.6 LBS
2012 Loss:  9.8 LBS
Daily Calorie Target:  2200

My consumption was under control this week. I stayed within my goal for the day all week.

My highest burn for the week was Yesterday when I did 771 calories on the bike.

I am a bit disappointed with the weight loss this week, but I realize that part of the problem is that I have not been drinking enough water the last few days.  Add to that some salty foods adn that makes for some water retention.  Time to up the water and watch the salt.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Update #3

Weekly progress update.

Today's Weight: 424.8 LBS
Weekly Loss: 3.4 LBS
2012 Loss: 9.2 LBS
Daily Calorie Target: 2200

My consumption was under control this week. I stayed within my goal for the day all week.

My highest burn for the week was Saturday when I did 773 calories on the stationary bike.

Did my weigh in for the Biggest Winner competition yesterday.  Their scale only went to 400 lbs so I got an error.  They asked for my weight and since I hadn't yet weighed in this week, I used 428 lbs.  The competition runs until May 17th which gives me just over 10 weeks to lose weight for the competition.  I should be below 400 by that time.  I am planning on increasing my total burn each week by hopefully adding some walking and some road riding.