Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Amazing Cycling City

Here is a short film about an amazing cycling city in the Netherlands called Groningen.  It has a wonderful bicycle infrastructure and cycling culture.  What I find most interesting is the fact that with all of these people riding around in and out of the city, there is almost no one wearing a helmet!

I hope we can make strides to get to this level of cycling infrastructure, getting away from cars and getting people healthier.  Not to mention getting away from the notion that we all need to wear helmets!

Get On Your Bike and Ride!

Monday, December 2, 2013

One Year Later

A year ago I found a weight loss challenge group on the FitBit site that was a challenge to lose 50 lbs.  The first several people to do so were to win prizes.  Since I was getting back on the fitness bandwagon I decided to join the group and the challenge.  I have to say its been quite a ride and I am thankful I made that decision.  I have gained several friends who have helped to push me and keep me at least engaged f not entirely motivated over the last year.

By far one of the biggest stars of the group is Lee DiGeorge.  He and i actually tied losing 50 lbs by the same week, but he has been far more successful than I as he has gone well beyond that 50 and made a complete lifestyle change.  I've been backsliding a bit, but that is changing here again with the one year anniversary.  I am rededicating myself to this journey.

Lee isn't the only star of the group though.  Melissa and Michelle and Cala and Christine and Christina and Maria and John and Tom and Mary and Glynna and Act Out and Rachel and Nancy and Kelly and Debra and Kelly and Barbara have all helped me on my journey.  All are inspirations by far.  Whether its their impressive numbers of steps in a week, their progress on the scale or their sheer determination and never give up attitude.  All are winners!

Little did I know, when I so flippantly joined the group a year ago, how much these individuals would touch and inspire me.  Thank you group!