Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm a winner

Last November, after I had purchased my FitBit, I was looking around the website and came cross a group that was forming around a challenge - lose 50 lbs.  The Challenge started on December 1st and was simple, the first one to lose 50 lbs. wins.  I decided I was in and joined the group.  Little did I realize what an awesome group of individuals I was joining.

Adam was the organizer and personally put up the top few prizes.  Thanks Adam.  I weighed myself on 12/1 and found my weight had increased to 464.4 lbs. so that was my starting weight for the challenge.

As the challenge started everyone was encouraged to share who they are and some friendly challenges started within the group. There would be daily or weekly challenges centered around the number of steps in a day, or your daily average for a week, or the number of flights done in a day.  The competition was always friendly and always with an eye towards being supportive of the others in the group.

I can't say enough good things about the people in the group.  I know I'll miss a few, but Lee, Adam, Chrissy, Tom, Doyle, Chris, Laura, Nanigoat, Xeyda, Maria, Rachel, John, Tonya, Barbara  Cala, Act Out and the rest - THANK YOU.

These people are total inspirations.  Some of them are doing upwards of 40,000+ steps in a single day!  Some are doing more than 200 flights in a day as well.  Everyone was working towards the same end - losing weight and getting healthy, and while it was, and is still a competition, everyone was very supported of the rest of the group.

Well the good news is, it is now 21 weeks later and the first 2 people have lost 50 lbs!  I am one and Lee D. is the other.  In fact we are tied at losing 50.6 lbs.  What is amazing is that while I near the start of my weight loss, Lee is near his goal which makes his achievement that much more awesome!

So, that means I weighed in yesterday morning, before the tour at 413.8 lbs.  It is a great feeling to reach this point, but I am by no means done.  Neither are those in the group.  We are going to stick it out and support each other until we all achieve the 50 lbs lost.  I am surprised at how close many of us have become and I think I can truly call them friends.