Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day one of the August Challenge

Today is day one of my August Challenge I mentioned here.

I figured I needed to start the month off right, so I set my alarm for 3:55 am.  Didn't want to take any chances.  Of course that meant I woke up 3 times through out the night to look at the clock since I didn't want to over sleep.  Amazing how we stress ourselves about things sometimes.

Anyway I got my ride in bright and early.

10.4 miles
45:36 elapsed time

Totals for the month:

10.4 miles
45:36 elapsed time

A couple of interesting things I noticed on this morning's ride were the smells and the traffic.

Most mornings when its fairly still I can smell various things like when someone passes me smoking in their car, or smoking out in front of their house.  I can also smell the water from sprinklers.  This morning, however there was a new smell.  As I turned onto Pebble for my first lap I passed a honey dew wagon heading to the construction site to service the porta-potties.  For the next 6 laps that was the predominant smell for the entire lap.  I'm not sure if he spilled some of the waste or it was just a matter of the suction, but the smell was pretty strong!

The second thing I noticed again this morning was heavier traffic.  In fact on 4 of the 10 laps I had cars pulling out of the subdivision that I ride around.  3 of the 4 were very courteous and stopped and waited for me.  The fourth, however pulled out as if I wasn't there.  Fortunately I assume they cannot see me whenever I encounter traffic and had my defensive maneuver planned and executed with not harm.  I just find it hard to believe they didn't see me with my light, wearing white and as large as I am.

How did everyone do on day one of the challenge????