Sunday, August 18, 2013

August Challenge Rides 17 & 18

Its been a busy weekend with my wife and the grandkids.  Saturday was a long day strting at 5:30 am with getting set for a garage sale and watching the grandkids.  Then it was time to get cleaned up to head to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party for Jacob and belatedly Nicholas.  Once we were home from there it was prudent to relax a bit, waiting for the temps to cool off at least a bit  Finally at 7:30 it was time for a quick ride to get it done.

Sunday I was just as occupied for the day and then it started raining this afternoon with thunderstorms moving through the area.  Finally at 8:00 I decided it was going to need to be a lap around th eblock in the rain, so that's what it was to keep the challenge alive.

Month to date:

18/18 rides
125.8 miles
10:07:05 Elapsed time