Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another morning, another early ride.

The alarm went off at its usual (of late) 3:45 and I was up and ready in what seemed like record time.  A quick perusal of the radar showed possible light showers in the area.  When I got downstairs I saw nary a drop, so I decided the ride was a go.

I aired up the tires, turned on my lights and headed out by 4:00.  I took it real easy my first lap as we had had a pretty good drenching rain the night before and I knew there was likely to be debris, rocks and sand on the roadway.  I was especially worried about the area on Quarterhorse where they are building the new sub.  Fortunately my fears weren't truly realized as there was a light coating of sand and not much else on the road.

Once I safely navigated the first lap and found the streets in not bad shape, I started the second lap only to have it start sprinkling on me.  I hoped that it wasn't really going to rain.  It stopped by the end of the second lap so I felt confident I would get my ride in.

2 laps later it started drizzling and I was seriously starting to think I might have to call it.  Its not that I mind the rain so much as I don't feel too safe with wet rims and possible inattentive morning drivers.  Most everyone must have been sleeping in this morning, though, since I saw 3 cars all morning.  Anyway, the drizzle lasted only 7 minutes or so and was done, having barely wet the roads.

The 3 women I've been seeing on their morning walk/jog/run for the past month or so, were out there again this morning.  On lap 8, there was a bit more sprinkles happening and I was seriously thinking of cutting the ride short, but decided I needed to get the full 12 miles in this morning, so I did.

This morning's ride takes me to 79.6 miles so far for the month of September.  Seeing as its the 10th, which is 1/3 of the way through the month, and I'm basically 1/3 of the way to my monthly mileage goal of 240 miles I'm feeling very good with my progress and my prospects of hitting my goal.

I found a ride this coming weekend that I think I am going to do.  Its called the 3 Feet for Pete ride and its a fun ride to raise awareness for cycling safety.  Its named after a local cyclist, Pete Makowski who lost his life June 19th on a training ride.  I'm thinking this would be a great cause as well as a way to meet some local cyclists.

Be safe out there and Get On Your Bikes and Ride!!!