Friday, January 31, 2014

Sad News - Viva Bike Vegas cancelled!

I have enjoyed riding in the Viva Bike Vegas cycling event the last 2 years - once solo and once with my dad.  You can read about the rides here and here.  I was just looking at the calendar and wondering when the ride was this year, as I am planning out my training for Pumpkinman, and I was having trouble finding the date for the event.

I finally found their FaceBook page (of all things) and it listed there an apology that they are not doing this ride anymore, preferring to focus more on local community events.  I am really a bit heartbroken!  I am certainly glad I got to do this event with my father last year.

Now I have to start looking around for other cycling events to help keep me motivated in my training.  Its such a long time until Pumpkinman that I know from experience I can lose my focus and stop doing all that I should to prepare for the event.

So, any local events here in the Las Vegas area that you might reccomend?