Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another early morning ride

Up and at it again at 4:00 AM.  Even though I got less sleep than Monday morning it was just a little easier to get up and out there.  There was a lot less internal dialog.  I felt more like just getting it done, which I did.

I was surprised as I checked the pressure in my tires this morning.  Seems the humidity helps keep the air in them as they were only down about a pound of pressure from Monday.  Normally after 2 days they have been down 5 to 10 lbs.

There really wasn't much remarkable about this morning's ride.  There was a slight breeze, maybe 5 mph out of the southwest which I didn't think was a big deal.  Sure it was a headwind on the slight uphill and a tailwind on the downhill, but I didn't think a breeze that light would have much effect.

Seems I was wrong.  My top speed was almost 3 mph faster than Monday's ride and my overall average went from 13.5 mph to 14.1.  That is a big change.  I shaved almost 2 minutes off the time it took to do the same distance.

Seems there is a lot to be said for aerodynamics, even at the slower speeds I'm riding as opposed to say, a car.  Since I ride in an upright position, the wind does have a significant impact on my speed.

Keep those pedals turning!