Saturday, July 20, 2013


OK, to set the record straight, my original intention was to get up early and do a nice long ride this morning.  Staying up to 3:30 in the morning, really put a damper on those plans.  The reason for wanting to get n early start is the heat.  Let's face it, Las Vegas, in the middle of summer, is hot.  At 12:00 today were were already at 99 degrees.

So, I decided instead of a long ride, I decided to try out a couple of segments I had found on Strava which are close to my house.  Neither was very long - one was 1.3 miles and the other was .3 miles.  Add to that my normal one mile loop and I had 3 segments I wanted to work into a quick ride.

I'm here to say that I made it and I didn't die, but it was very hot.  The total ride was just under 6 miles in 26 minutes, but it was worth a ride 2 or 3 times that length on a cooler day.

It took close to an hour too cool off once I was back in the A/C.

It was a tough ride, but I'm glad I did it.