Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Update #3

Weekly progress update.

Today's Weight: 424.8 LBS
Weekly Loss: 3.4 LBS
2012 Loss: 9.2 LBS
Daily Calorie Target: 2200

My consumption was under control this week. I stayed within my goal for the day all week.

My highest burn for the week was Saturday when I did 773 calories on the stationary bike.

Did my weigh in for the Biggest Winner competition yesterday.  Their scale only went to 400 lbs so I got an error.  They asked for my weight and since I hadn't yet weighed in this week, I used 428 lbs.  The competition runs until May 17th which gives me just over 10 weeks to lose weight for the competition.  I should be below 400 by that time.  I am planning on increasing my total burn each week by hopefully adding some walking and some road riding.