Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Update #5

Weekly progress update.

Today's Weight: 422.4 LBS
Weekly Loss: 1.8 LBS
2012 Loss: 11.6 LBS
Daily Calorie Target: 2200
Daily Net Carb target: 20 g

 This week was a transition week for me. Nasty weather and a switch from strictly counting calories to Atkins (Low-carb) saw me carb loading on Friday and Saturday. I'm feeling better about my diet and showing a 1.8 lb loss after all I ate while carb loading is proof that my body responds better to low-carb as opposed to low calorie eating.

 I did get out this morning and ride for 22 minutes. While it was shorter than planned I was glad I got out there. All of the activity this weekend is going to be a challenge in terms of riding, but I know I can get in at least one day out of the three.