Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Update #2

Weekly progress update.

Today's Weight:  428.2 LBS
Weekly Loss:  2.4 LBS
2012 Loss:  5.8 LBS
Daily Calorie Target: 2200
Average Calories per day: 2288

My highest calories consumption was on Saturday when we did All you can East Sushi.  I did eat less than I have in the past, but still managed to consume almost 2000 calories in one sitting.  This will be the last time doing that for a long time.

My highest burn for the week was both yesterday and today when I did 410 calories on the stationary bike.

Starting to get back into the groove of working out in the morning before work and I like it.  I do feel more energized during the day, but am more tired in the evenings.

Looking ahead, next Tuesday is the starting weigh in for a weight loss competition called the Biggest Winner which is part of the Corporate Challenge here in Las Vegas.  Its a 10 week competition and each company has a 5 person team.  Just what I need - a bit of extra motivation to Git 'R Done!