Thursday, February 16, 2012

Waiting...And a fresh start

I have been waiting for my knee to get better.  I did something to it back in December and thought I just needed some time to heal, so I have been waiting for it to heal and it hasn't.  I broke down and went to the doctor to see about it 4 weeks ago.  He said there was a problem and referred me to an Ortho specialist.  Between waiting for authorization and dealing with his limited calendar it was 2 1/2 weeks before I saw him and he ordered an MRI after a non-committal "you might have torn something in there."

I then had to wait for another referral for the MRI which finally came through and I have it scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) morning.  Of course then I will have to schedule another appointment with the Ortho Doc to have him read it and recommend treatment.

While I have been waiting, I have noticed that my tendency to consume calories has not abated.  Where before I was maintaining my weight with a bit of exercise, I have now been gaining.  My estimate is 15 lbs since the injury.  This is not good.  This cannot continue!

So, today marks another fresh start for me.  I had planned to start over in January, but hadn't had the motivation without being able to ride either the spin bike or on the road.  I realized today, after reading Fatty's post about a possible competition, that I don't have to wait to restart (or continue) my weight loss journey.  Obviously, since I so enjoy riding, that will be a big part of the exercise side of the equation, burning more calories, but I can also address the intake side of the equation and frankly should have been doing so all along. So today marks a fresh start and my new beginning towards a healthier me.

Today's weight is 434 lbs.  No excuses, no hiding from it.  In the last year and 4 months I have gained back 46 of the 100 lbs I lost leading up to Pumpkinman in fall 2010.  I have a new goal:  Lose 120 lbs by Pumpkinman this fall. That means by October 20, 2012 my weight should be under 314 lbs. My plan is to post weekly updates of my weight and include highlights from the week's calories - both burned and consumed.

Thank you for being the trigger to hold me accountable to achieving this goal.