Friday, May 16, 2014

Bike Challenge Day 1 Ride 1

Today is the first day of my challenge and it was my first ride. I consider the challenge a success already in that it got me out and riding this morning.  Without this challenge I likely wouldn't have ridden today. With the challenge I did get out and ride. It was only a short ride, but it was a ride.

I was happy to get out there.  As I was riding, though, with every turn I was hearing a creaking from the lower part of the bike. It seemed to be coming from the cranks. Looking down I noticed the chain was moving left and right relative to the front derailleur. Something was loose.

I headed back home and took a look to see what the issue was.  I feared it was a bottom bracket issue, but was relieved to see the issue was with the crank itself.  It seems the right crank arm was loose. I found a socket and tightened the nut.  I flipped the bike back over and headed back out on my ride.

Thankfully no more creaking was coming from the crank.

I had no destination nor route in mind.  I rambled around the block and the neighborhood. I simply was riding for the enjoyment of riding.

It was hot and getting hotter so I headed back home after just a short ride.

I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy a day.

Get on your bikes and ride!