Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Biggest Winner Competition wraps up

You may remember that I wrote about the Biggest Winner Weight Loss competition which is part of the Las Vegas Corporate Challenge.  The initial weigh in was on March 4 and the weigh out was this past Monday, May 12.  I was the captain of our team and recruited 4 other individuals to participate. I had hoped to earn points and possibly a medal for our team.  Unfortunately that was not the case.

As with most weight loss competitions the team started out positive, strong and motivated.  I had the team check in each Monday with their current weight and the first 3 or 4 weeks were great.  Then we hit a couple of snags.  Team members suffered injuries and had to curtail some of their physical activities.  Easter came and went.  There was a reduction of staff at work. Mother's day was the weekend before the final weigh in.  It all added up to our placing 12th in the competition.

I know we all have struggles and challenges we face every day, but I had hoped to keep my team motivated and on track., I obviously did a poor job.  If each member of the team had simply stayed at their lowest reported weight, then we would have placed 4th overall.  That didn't happen.  Over the last 4 weeks, and particularly over the last week, several pounds, once lost, were gained back.

I lost the largest number of pounds on our team for the challenge at 23. I also had the largest percentage at 5.23%.  The total weight lost by the other 4 team members combined was only 18 lbs. which gave us a 41 lb. total loss representing 3.29%.  While I could try to blame my teammates, the failure is mine.  I failed to keep them motivated and on track for the challenge. I need to look at what I did and when, and decide what I could do differently to help them achieve better results.

The fact that we had gained back weight points to a failure on my part. I was supposed to keep them motivated and on point for the challenge and my weekly emails obviously missed the mark.  There has to be more that I could have done.  Right now I'm not sure what that was, but I have reached out to my team mates and asked that very question - what more could I have done to help with the challenge.  I hope to get some usable answers so that in the future I can be a better leader.

So, I am celebrating my 23 lb. loss, but the celebration is short lived as I need to keep myself motivated and moving forward towards a slimmer and healthier version of myself.  I indulged a bit the last couple of days in the food department, but its time to get back to eating better and moving more.

Get on your bikes and ride!