Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Challenge is going well

So, a couple of weeks ago I set a challenge for myself (here) to ride my bike every day for 180 days.  I'm here to say that the challenge is going well and it is working.  It is getting me on my bike, even for short short rides, on days when I would have passed because of this or that.  I know those this or that's are just excuses, but they would have kept me off the bike.

What's nice about the challenge as well is that it encompasses another challenge: The National Bike Challenge.  I am excited to be part of our work place team, which is part of the local team under the Las Vegas Bicycle Coalition.  Personally I hadn't heard of them until I signed up for the challenge.  Through my efforts I have so far earned the Silver Badge.

The National Bike Challenge runs until September 30.  I hope to keep earning many more points and possible improve my ranking as my mileage goes up throughout the summer.  Currently I am ranked 16th in my company, 41st locally and 9118th nationally.  Not to shabby!

I hope everyone can find an activity they love and stick with long term.  Cycling is my activity.

Get on your bikes and ride!!!!!!!