Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why I ride

Lately I’ve been thinking about why I like to ride my bike.  Its tough to put into words the reasons, but I will endeavor to do just that.

  1. I ride because I can.  This may seem like a simple statement but it embodies so much of the feeling of empowerment that riding gives me.  Here I am riding along under my own power yet going faster than I ever thought I could on my own.  Its exhilarating and refreshing.
  2.  I ride because it's fun.  It takes me back to when we were kids and riding around with no plan or purpose except to enjoy the fact that we are riding.  It’s a physical act that once mastered gives a sense of accomplishment and wonder and look what I can do feeling.
  3.  I ride because its healthy.  Too much of modern life involves sedentary tasks, at least for me.  My job involves sitting in front of a computer screen for a large part of my work day.  Many of my leisure activities involves sitting and watching, whether its TV, video games, or working on my computer at home.  Any activity which I enjoy that gets me moving is all good!
  4.  It can be a social activity.  Not only can I talk to others about the activity, but I can also participate in this activity with others for a shared common experience.
  5. See number 2 again!
  6.  I ride to help others.  Through organized rides and fundraising I help to raise funds for worthy causes. Whether its fighting Cancer, MS, or Diabetes doing something fun to help raise money to fight these things is worthwhile.
Riding is freedom and movement and using our bodies to get somewhere under our own power.  Its good for the environment and good for ourselves.  If we do it enough and aren't careful it might actually make us healthier as well.

Get On Your Bikes and RIDE!!!!!!