Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rules of Cycling

I've been following several other blogs for a few years now and one that's stuck with me is Fizzhog's.  One of his pages list's Fizz's Rules of Cycling.  These just ring so true to me that I am sharing them here:

Fizz's Rules of Cycling

1.  It never gets easier, you just go faster  (taken from Greg Lemond who took it from Andy Hampsten)
2.  For every climb, there is a descent… and vice-versa
3.  If you keep your tires pumped at proper pressure you eliminate chances of flatting by 60%
4.  If you are going to flat, it will be at the point farthest from where you started your ride
5.  Hydrating before you ride is as important as hydrating during
6.  Wave to all fellow cyclists, whether they wave back or not
7.  When riding an “Out & Back” route, if you have a headwind on your “Out” it will shift and you will invariably have a headwind on your “Back”
8.  Someone somewhere is suffering more
9.  Those days where you really don’t feel like riding are the days you must absolutely ride
10.  Your Garmin will never fail except on the rides where you need it the most
11.  Always refill your water bottles if you have the chance
12.  Always take more nutrition than you think you will need
13.  Shift more than you think you need to
14.  Someone is always slower than you and someone is always faster than you
15.  Never leave for a ride of more than 8 miles without money on you
16. You will always recover

Eat well.

Get on your bikes and ride!!!!