Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekly goal met again

This week I set myself the same goal as last week, which was to get out and ride 5 of 7 days.  Even though I didn't ride last Sunday, I was able to get out Monday through Thursday and again this morning.

Today's ride was grat.  I rode out towards Blue Diamond and didn't stop once on the way out.  I even rode the farthest I have in over a year.  My total today was 16.44 miles in 1:31.  An earlier start, cooler weather and a light breeze all combined to keep the temperatures reasonable.

It does seem that I can't getin a weekend ride without an issue,  though.  I noticed a wobble in my rear wheel which seemed to get worse as I rode.  Come to find out, I seem to have broken 3 spokes on my rear wheel.  Time to get into the LBS and have them replace the spokes and perform a tuneup.  Hard to believe, but I've got almost 120 miles on the new bike so far.

Riding 5 of 7 days does tend to allow the mileage to add up.  I managed 47.52 miles this week.  Not a bad week at all.  Hopefully I can keep up with the number of ride and increase the distance week by week.

Also this week, I had the final weigh in for the Biggest Winner competition.  While I didn't have the loss I would have liked, I did post a loss.  My final weight was 416 which gave me a 12 lb loss for the competition.  Not sure how we placed in the competition, but a loss is always good.  i'll update once they post the results.