Friday, June 20, 2014

36 days in a row

OK, I have to be honest here, when I put together my personal challenge of riding 180 days in a row, I knew there would be easy days and there would be hard days.  I knew some days just getting on the bike would be a struggle because of... you name it: heat, wind, rain (we can hope can't we???), schedule, etc.  What I have found through the first 36 days is that even with these obstacles (except for the rain) it hasn't been hard at all.  I actually look forward to riding and get a little anxious in the evenings if I haven't ridden yet.

Sure some people might argue that my 1 mile rides are cheating just a bit, but I say I made up the challenge and that a 1 mile ride is just fine.  I didn't start the challenge for the purpose of riding any specific distance, I started the challenge to try and make riding more a part of my life.

I am actually looking forward to the days coming soon when I will ride multiple times in a day with my grandchildren.  Sure those rides will be relatively short, but the fact that I am riding is what's important.  That it's with my grandkids will be quite the added bonus.

Having this challenge coincide with the National Bike Challenge just makes it that much better.  Because of the number of rides I have been doing, I am in the top 10 riders in my company and number 29 locally as of this morning.  that is awesome! I never dreamed that I could do that well in a challenge against some serious riders.  Sure most of them have much higher mileage totals than I do, but my daily riding is garnering me lots of points.

I hope everyone has a chance to get out and enjoy themselves.  Remember to be safe out there but...