Monday, April 28, 2014

Motivation is the key

I have a ride coming up on Saturday.  Its the Tour De Cure here in Las Vegas and I am planning on doing the 20 mile route.  With that in mind I know I need to get in more rides to have a better day on the bike.  I have increased my number of rides significantly this month over last month and I have the impending ride to thank for that increase.  It has been the motivation I needed to actually get on my bike and ride.

It wasn't, however, motivation enough to get me to ride this past weekend.  The temperatures weren't bad, nor was there any significant precipitation to limit my riding.  What my limited motivation had to overcome was wind.  Specifically wind that was in the 25 to 25 mph range with gusts into the 40's or even 50's.  Sure, the added wind gives a harder workout, but it also sucks.  I can't get myself motivated to strain against the wind, pedaling for all I'm worth to eek out a mere 5 or maybe 6 mph on my bike. Part of that is becasue my motivation doesn't involve needing to ride to get anywhere.

If I was on a bike tour, or my bike was my primary means of transportation, then my motivation level to get somewhere would probably have been able to overcome the wind, but when I am riding for fun and exercise, primarily for fun, then the wind wins as it just isn't fun to me to struggle like that at this time. I imagine a day, in the not too distant future where I would take the wind as a personal challenge and relish pitting myself against natures fury to prove my supremacy, but frankly I'm not that cyclist, yet. I hope to get there in the future, though.

That is why I sign myself up for these events like this coming weekend's Tour De Cure.  It gives me the motivational nudge to overcome my basic inertia and get off the couch and on my bike.

What is your motivation to ride?