Monday, April 14, 2014

A good weekend of competition

This was a good weekend for 2 teams I am captain of in the Las Vegas Corporate Challenge.  Our Tug O War team took 3rd place, winning bronze medals and our Laser Tag team tied for 2nd which won us Silver.  I am so proud of my teammates and all the work they did to achieve these results!

I wish I was in a better position to pull for the tug o war but replacing myself as a puller with 2 strong people worked well.

It was a double elimination tournament.  We won our first pull, lost our second, won the third and fourth, but lost the 5th.  The only 2 teams to beat us were the 2 teams in the finals for the top 2 spots so it all worked out.

Sunday at Laser tag we were in the arena with 5 other teams for 2 games.  We dominated the 2 games to be among the top 6 teams overall who advanced into the finals.  The finals were a tough game against the other top teams.  we held our own and ended up tied with the another team, team NNSS for second place.  The winners were team Zappos.