Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools Prank - NOT!

I had considered writing a post in honor of the April Fool's Day prank tradition that other bloggers have followed but I find I'm just not that clever or witty.  I can't come up with something that is believable enough so as to not be a transparent ruse. With that in mind I offer a link to Fatty's post for today which is well done.  He has a tradition of these posts going back several years.

With that said I want to talk about my lack of motivation for riding of late and my upcoming Tour De Cure.  I have been slacking in my preparation and this is unacceptable to me.  There is a general lack of motivation at the moment and I fear part of it is the fact that I have very little support for my ride in terms of donations.  In fact, besides myself I have had only one other person make a donation.

I will do the ride.  In fact I will make a pledge that if I do not finish the 20 miles ride on May 3rd, I will personally match any donations made.  I was going to honor a money back guarantee, but the logistics would be a nightmare.  This is a better option as it will force me to put my money where my mouth is for this worthy cause.

Please help me to get motivated and support my training efforts by making a donation here.

I think you and the American Diabetes Association thanks you.

Get on your bikes and ride!