Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It helps to do the right things

I had a pretty good, active weekend.  My weight doesn't show it though because I ate some of the wrong foods and not in moderation.  I wasn't extreme by any means, but I didn't stick to my limits. In the activity department, I walked a bunch, rode my bike twice, played some Laser Tag which was a blast and didn't sit as much as usual.

The problem is my weight is up today and significantly and I can only attribute that to what I ate.  I need to re-evaluate my eating plan and make adjustments.

I am increasing my physical activity leading up to the Tour De Cure on May 3rd.  I got in a couple of rides over the weekend and am increasing my distance and duration.  I'm also walking more at work to help with the weight loss.  I have a couple of competitions coming up this weekend, the Tug O War and Laser Tag.  I am going to be leading my team, but not pulling at the tug o war due to some back strain.  I will be participating in the Laser Tag competition, though.  Both of these will help increase my physical activity levels.

Salty foods seem to be the culprit in the large weight gain over the last week. Some Sushi with soy sauce, Chinese Curry Chicken, pepperoni, bacon and pizza all were on the menu over the weekend.  This will stop.. Back to healthy salads, fruits and veggies.  Back to oatmeal for breakfast and not bacon and eggs or processed meat breakfast sandwiches.  My sodium intake was much too high.

There has been some added stress lately as well and that is always an inhibiting factor when you are trying to lose weight.  Changes are occurring at home with our daughter and grand-kids moving back in so there needs to be some adjustment time as well.  I know I am a stress eater on top of stress hormones blocking weight loss. This will change as the routines are worked out.  I love having them at home, but there is always a period of adjustment.

So, eat well and get on your bikes and ride!

I just have to follow my own advice. :)