Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A short spin is better than no spin

Over the weekend I had planned on getting out on 2 wheels and starting to put in some decent mileage, at least for me right now.  Our 2nd oldest grandson was with us for the weekend and I had plans to get him out for a few rides to tire him out.  Unfortunately one ride is all we managed in the 4 days we had available.  There is no good reason why either, really.

We did get out and took a few laps around the block.  He was complaining after the first that his legs were tired, but he did manage 2 more before throwing in the towel.  After we were done and things put away he mentioned that he hadn't been ready to quit, that he just wanted a rest.  I must have misunderstood him then since i heard him say he was done.  Oh well.  That was on day 2 and I figured it was no big deal and we would get out a couple of more times before the weekend was over.

Alas other things came up and took up the time.  The next thing we knew the weekend was over and we had only managed the one 3 mile ride.

I need to change my riding habits and quickly as the Tour De Cure is quickly approaching on May 3rd and I need to get  some miles under my belt before it arrives.

I hope Winter relinquishes its hold and everyone is able to get out and ride!