Monday, May 13, 2013

May Ride #6

YAY!!! I did a ride with no problems.  It felt good.  I still don't quite trust the tires and tubes on the corners, but that will come in time.

This morning I decided to really start the training for the 100 Miles Of Nowhere, so I rode around and around the block.  I must have miscounted the laps as I thought I had 22 laps done and it turned out to be only 21.  Therefore I rode 9.97 miles instead of the 10+ I was shooting for.

It felt good, though.  Temperatures was 74 degrees, very light wind from the west and obviously no sun as it was 0 dark 30 when I was riding.

Thinking ahead to June 1st, I am going to have to start pretty early to get in a good number of miles before things really start heating up.