Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekly Update 1/4/13

I realized this morning that I never finished and posted last week's weekly update.  I will strive to be more timely in the future.  Anyway, now its time for this week's update..

Here is my FitBit data for the last week:

Steps:  27213 (up 2071)
Miles:  13.54  (up 1.03)
Calories Eaten:  17052  (down 671)
Calories burned:  25620  (down 219)
Net:  -8568  (up 454)

As you can see, this is not bad, but it can be better.  The good news is I did increase my steps, distance and burn.  I'm feeling pretty good about these numbers considering these are the holidays and I am away from my routine.  I'm hoping to pick up my activity and actually get back on the bike in the coming week.

The good news is that since 12.1, I am down a total of 32.8 pounds.