Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekly Update 1/11/13

Trying to be a bit more timely with the weekly updates.  One good thing is that I actually got out and rode twice this last week.  The bad news is that since I've been off work I haven't been as vigilant with my diet, but that should improve.

Here is my FitBit data for the last week:

Steps: 28626  (up 1413)
Miles: 14.25  (up .69)
Calories Eaten: 15668  (down 1384)
Calories burned: 26006  (up 386)
Net: -10338  (up 1770)

Cycling this week: 13 miles
Total 2013:  13 miles

Fortunately the weather is supposed to be improving towards the end of the week and I do hope to get out for more rides.

The good news is that since 12.1, I am down a total of 33 pounds.