Monday, June 25, 2012

Not a happy camper...

Last Monday I only rode 8 miles because my right pedal started having issues again.  Tuesday through Thursday I had to be into work early so I could teach early classes.  Over the weekend I thought I was able to correct the issue with the pedal, but this morning it proved to not be the case.  Within three turns of the crank the issue was back.  Looks like I need a new crank arm as the threads for the pedal are shot on this one.

What sucks about this is first, the bike is only 2 months old.  Secondly, there is apparently no way to order one online, which means I have to find an authorized dealer and get them to order it for me.  There are several dealers around, including Sport Chalet, its just the hassle of having to actually go in there that I dislike.  I've tried going to the Diamondback Corporate site, but their focus is on selling bikes and not on service.

The third part that sucks is that since I self assembled the bike, any warranty is null and void.  Apparently it doesn't matter that I bought the bike online and had it shipped to me directly, I was still supposed to take it to one of their dealers and pay them $80 to assemble the bike.  Based upon the wheel issues, the pedal/warranty issues and my overall feeling of abandonment by the company, I will not be buying another Diamondback bicycle, nor will I recommend them to anyone else.

So, now I'm probably down for at least another week while I get to a dealer and have them order the part for me.  My goal of 2012 in 2012 just got significantly harder to obtain, but we'll make it.

Not only am I going to get the crank arm for the Diamondback, I'm also going to see about getting the crank bearings taken care of on the Univega so I have a back-up steed as well.