Monday, June 4, 2012

Glass was not the problem

The good news is that the glass on the road was not the problem last week.  I took the wheel off and inspected the tire, expecting to see glass sticking out of it. I found nary a piece embedded in it.  I then removed the tire and tube from the wheel to continue with the inspection. Again, I did an inspection of the tire, this time on the inside both visually and by gently running my fingers around the tire.  Still no glass.

At this point I was wondering if there was some other reason for the failure of the tube, so I turned my attention to the tube itself.  I didn't see anything wrong, focusing on the outer part of the tube so I decided to add some air.  As I pumped I felt the air leaking from a hole on the inner part of the tube about 3 inches from the valve.  I was confused as to how this could be the case, until I noticed that my new wheel was missing the rim strip.

It seems that when they moved the tire and tube from the old wheel to the new, they failed to realize that there was no rim strip on the new wheel and the sharp edge of one of the holes in the secondary wall of the wheel had punctured the tube. This was actually a relief in that it meant the Kevlar tire were actually doing their job in protecting the tubes form the hazards on the road.

I took the wheel, tire and tube to the LBS where I had purchased the wheel and they replaced the tube since the missing rim strip was their fault (Thank you Broken Spoke).

Unfortunately this took place on Friday.  Since my wife and I had planned a weekend of relaxing and doing very little, I didn't get another ride in until this morning.  The good news is that I Rode 9+ miles this morning with no issues.  I do have to make a slight adjustment to my handlebars as they are slightly off center from the crash on Thursday.  The interesting this was that I felt slow this morning, yet my Garmin and Strava indicated that I had ridden my best time yet on my training loop.  Go figure!

So, I'm on a working machine again and I expect to hit my 5 of 7 goal easily this week, baring any further issues, of which I hope there are none!