Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm rolling again

I'm finally back on my bike and rolling along.  I realized this morning that its been 4 weeks since I last rode and that is just too long of a break.  Not only did I lose some fitness, but it certainly dug a hole in terms of meeting my 2012 in 2012 goal for this year.

I actually have both of my bikes back up and rolling along.  Some bearings and a good tightening of the bottom bracket on the Univega and a new Shimano crankset on the Diamondback were just what the bike doctor ordered. :)  I was figuring a cost between $125 and $150 for the repairs and was quite pleased with a bill for $62.

I rode 8 miles this morning and felt the 4 week layoff.  I did lose some fitness as my legs were gone at 5 miles, but I know I can quickly gain it back.  I don't think I'll make 5 days riding this week, but I should make 4. 

Keep rolling along!