Friday, May 14, 2010

All it takes is a good plan...

OK, I have been thinking all week about how I am going to get from where I am now in my fitness level, to where I need to be in October and I've come up with a plan. I've sat down with my computer and an Excel spreadsheet and laid out exactly what I hope to accomplish in the weeks leading up to the Pumpkinman.

Right now I am in week P minus 23 and my goals for this week were to bike 5 days going 5 miles each day. Check. Walk 3 days going one mile each day. Only one mile so far, but 2 days left. And to swim at least 100 yards. I did swim a few laps in the small pool in my complex the other night, but I'm not counting those. So this evening we are swimming again and I'm planning on doing many laps (I think one lap is only 13 yards).

At week P minus 18, my goal is to ride 5 days, 10 miles each day; walk/jog 3 days, 2 miles each day and to swim 300 yards one day.

At week P minus 12, my goal is to ride 5 days, 12 miles each day; walk/jog 3 days 4 miles each day and to swim 500 yards one day.

As you can see, I'm definitely not trying to rush things. My goal is to gradually and consistently increase my training distances and work on my times as well. I've looked ahead to the bike coourse for pumpkinman and realized that there is over 1200 feet of elevation change from the lowest to highest point with one grade at over 8%. I am planning on riding th ecourse from Boulder Beach up, into Boulder city at least twice before the event.

I would be glad to share the excel spreadsheet for those who might want to take a peek.