Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The training continues...

Last week I only rode 4 out of 7 days. My goal had been to ride 5 of 7 as I have been doing each week now, but with the days off and staying at the hotel for our mini-vacation I didn't make all 5 days last week. The wind didn't help either.

Starting Sunday I stepped it up again on the distance for the bike rides. My original training plan had me increasing from 6 to 7 miles per ride this week, but I was feeling good and actually increased it to 8. I did 8 miles yesterday and today as well. I really believe I could go farther except my butt is really hurting after 5 and 8 is about as far as I want to go right now.

I am going to have to explore some o[possible options like a new gel seat cover or changing the seat or angle as that is my main problem at the moment. My legs are feeling the work, but its not bad.

I've been tracking my training on http://www.begginertriathlete.com/. Its a great site with lots of information for the reading. They have articles and forums which allow a beginner to ask the questions about their training and what to do/expect to get them into the sport of triathlons.

The one thing I'm noticing is that I really do look forward to my morning rides. the days I don't ride I miss it and feel guilty about not riding. Now I have never been an athlete nor trained for ANY sport in my life. That is one thing that is making this quite an eye opening experience. I've never really tried to push myself physically to do things and to increase my fitness - EVER.

I am hoping my current love of riding will continue for many, many years. I remember way back when I was riding in the March of Dimes Bike-A-Thons in my youth there was always one old gentleman who was in his 70's and he rode in every event. I want to be that person at that age.