Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I'm still here, all evidence to the contrary

Hello.  I am still here and I check on my blog every once in a while over the last year or so.  I just haven't felt like posting anything as I feel like I haven't done anything worth posting.  I have been trying to do the right things and eat better and lose weight.  One area that I have been neglecting over the last year has been the physical activity side of things.  I know that I need to change that and as such I know posting here will help.

It will help me to set goals and measure progress towards those goals.  I realize that without having a firm goal to strive towards I founder.  I'm tired of foundering. I need to get myself in a much better place physically.  I want to get off my medication for my blood pressure and the only way to do that is to lose the weight and increase my physical fitness and activity levels.

So, even if no one is reading this (and truthfully I will be surprised if anyone does after my neglect of this blog), I am going to try to post at minimum 3 times per week to work on getting my self focused and heading once again in the right direction.

This is but a short and sweet post to say I'm back.  I will be posting more in a day or two about where I am physically and what has been going on during my absence from here.