Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 17 Update

No weight to report this week as I have been traveling back to Michigan to see family and celebrate with my nephew and his new bride. In fact I'm writing this as we fly along at 36,000 feet. It was great seeing family and friends I haven't seen in too long of a time.

Our trip was almost non-stop running from place to place to visit. We put almost 600 miles on the rental car in the 5 days we were there. It seemed each gathering involved some type of eating and drinking.  I must say that I stuck to my eating plan and didn't overindulge at all. There were temptations galore but I stayed resolute.

I  have a reason to not get on the scale right now. I feel like I've retained a good deal of fluids due to not taking all of my medication as I should have.  I know things will improve in a couple of days as I get back on schedule so to avoid feeling down at a possible higher number on the scale I will just forego this week's weigh in.

My plan is to really focus on getting in some exercise over the next 8 weeks before heading back to Michigan to celebrate again. It is time for me to get my buttons back on my bike on a consistent basis. 4:00 am and I are going to become reacquainted very quickly.

A non-scale victory this week was the fact I got the seat belt fastened on the plane without using the extender.