Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 9 Progress Report

It is amazing to me that NINE weeks have already elapsed in this personal challenge of mine.  Time  just seems to accelerate as you grow older.  I know that is not the case objectively, but subjectively I certainly believe it.  Anyway the good news is that I am another 3 lbs. lighter this week than I was last.  That brings my 9 week total to 35 lbs. lost.  The bad news is that this was done almost exclusively with diet since my activity level was very low.

What is encouraging to me is that I do continue to lose and I am not really feeling deprived of food.  Sure when everyone is eating donuts or cookies, I certainly would love to have one, but I know that would be sabotaging my health.  So I stay away and stay focused on eating healthy snacks like an orange or veggies.

I do need to get my butt more active though.  Too much time is still spent sitting on my rear-end on the computer or watching TV.  I did have at least a small excuse this week end as we actually had rain the last 3 days.  No it wasn't all day rain but it was significant for the area. Of course that is just what I said it was, an excuse.  I still could have done SOMETHING active, but I chose not to.  This will be changing and soon.