Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This is a challenging time of year when it comes to weight loss and fitness.  Especially this year for me as the weather has been extremely uncooperative!  Now, I know its only a little rain, but its been 6 days straight of wet weather and frankly I'm not equipped or prepared to deal with this type of weather.  I do live in a desert and its not supposed to rain for days on end!

Add to that all of the holiday celebrations and treats and goodies floating around and I have to say I'm not where I should be right now in terms of my weight loss or fitness level.  This is changing.  I am resisting temptation more than I'm giving in, but when I do give in its wholeheartedly.  Instead of only one or two bites or just a small piece I use the in for a penny in for a pound philosophy and just jump in with both feet.

To try and fend off the worst of this I have been eating more fruit and more fat free yogurt so I'm not nearly as inclined to continuously partake of the goodies, but it is tough.  So many of the holiday traditions are built around food and goodies that its hard to be in the holiday spirit without partaking.

Added to the temptation is the fact that I love to eat when stressed and the stress level has increased with all of the grand kids in the house for the holidays.  I do love them to death but the quiet times are few and far between at the moment and that also sends me to the kitchen in search of "something."

The new year is a typical place for us to reflect on our lives and look forward to what changes we are planning on making going forward.  I am looking at my fitness and weight loss goals and have come to the conclusion that in 2011 I will loss at least 100 pounds and I will run, yes run at least one 5k race.  Beyond that completing my first century ride since the mid 70's MDA bikeathon and 2 triathlons will be a full year of accomplishments.