Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Wrap Up

I have been remiss about posting here of late.  Here it is the 5th of November and I have yet to wrap up and summarize what I did in October.  Truth be told I have been avoiding it just a bit as I did not come close to accomplishing what I had intended for the month of October.

The truth is I only got in 8 rides during the month for a total of 84.45 miles.  Nowhere near my goal of 22+ rides and 300 miles.  I'm strangely Ok with that though.  Its not that I just didn't want to ride, its more that life got in the way.  Again, I'm OK with that.  I just need to work a little more on my organization and make sure that I continue to ride and not let the downward mileage trend continue.

I do plan on riding more this month than last, but I will not put a specific number to it at this time.  One thing to my advantage is the BIKE:MS Challenge which I am riding this coming weekend.  My goal is to ride the 30 mile course on both days.  I look forward to the camaraderie and sharing of a common experience. I also look forward to riding with Juan again of the Tour De Cure ride back in April.  He said he is riding the 30 mile route on Saturday as well.

Look for a write up next week.

Get On Your Bikes and RIDE!!!!!