Monday, April 16, 2012

A Nice Sunday Ride

The weather was around 70 degrees, bright sunshine and a light breeze from the east.  Beautiful weather for a ride in the desert.  OK, along a road in the desert. :) I have been getting back into the swing of riding with more regularity and this was to be my longest ride so far this year.

I aired up the tires and headed out about 11:30 am for a nice "easy" ride.  OK, it would be easy for those who are in much better shape and logging many more miles per week than I have been.  Still, it was good to be out on the bike.

I headed West on Blue Diamond road and started feeling the elevation gain.  Now to some of you power climbers out there, you'll call it more of a false flat, but to us mere mortals, it is a bit of a climb.  When I got to State Route 159, I headed north west towards the town of Blue Diamond.  I almost made it to Blue Diamond, but not quite.  My lack of riding since mid December caught up to me and I stopped at the Gypsum Mine just over 6 miles from the house.  I decided I'd had enough for the day and turned around for the fun part - downhill to home.

The relatively light tail wind I had experienced on the ride out, turned into a headwind heading home, but since it was mostly downhill, I didn't mind at all.  The ride out took 57 minutes, but the ride back was only 27 minutes for a total 12.78 miles in 84 minutes.  Looking back over my log, I did the same ride last May in only 73 minutes.