Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Resilience (noun) speedy recovery from problems; the ability to spring back quickly into shape after being bent, stretched or deformed.

Its interesting. I’ve been reading various articles and blogs on a variety of topics - from triathlons and training to childbirth to Detroit's current economic woes, and there is one word that seems to be coming up more than any other and that word is resilience.

Resilience is what is needed to recover from a tough work out and improve your body.

Resilience is what it takes to bounce back from a miscue or misstep and continue on in a race.

Resilience is what a mother displays when she is able to start caring for a newborn after having just gone through childbirth.

Resilience is what has made and is remaking Detroit.

Resilience. A fairly simple word but its overall meaning and what it allows us to achieve are monumental.

Resilience. I hope I have it as I'm going to need it on October 23rd.