Thursday, April 23, 2015

Are you willing?

As part of my job, we are learning a new way of doing things. In order to learn this new philosophy we are becoming educated in a new way of approaching problems and part of that education is through some online videos which are on YouTube.  Now, these videos are fairly mundane and a bit on the boring side at times. As I was watching one of the videos, however, there appeared a link on to the right for another video that caught my attention.

The video was a compilation of motivational speeches from various movies, ads and tv shows and it was powerful. It reminded me that if you want something, truly want it you are willing to do what it takes to achieve it.  It doesn't matter what it is that you want. Sure most of the examples are sports related, but that's because they are easy to show and measure.  Truthfully anything that is worth going for and achieving will take sacrifice.

The question came up over and over as the video played - are you willing?  Are you willing to endure the pain to reap the reward?  Are you willing to put forth the effort and do the work you have to do in order to achieve your dream? Are you willing to fail? When you do fail are you willing to get back up and try again?

As I watched this video I realized that we all have to answer this one simple question - is our dream something we are willing to work for? If its worth it then the answer is yes.  Its that simple.  If you have a dream and are willing to do the work, to strive to attain it, then you will succeed.

I had a powerful revelation while I watched the video.  I haven't been willing to do the work, I haven't been willing to try and fail in pursuit of my dreams, I haven't been willing to do what it takes.  That changes now.  I am willing.  I will achieve.  It will take time and effort.  I will fail, but I will get back up and keep moving forward towards my dream.

So, now I ask you... are you willing?