Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bicycle Race - what to do????

I've been looking at the calendar and just realized the upcoming Corporate Challenge Bike Race is in just over 2 weeks.  We've gotten confirmation that the course will be between 12 to 14 miles long at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Now, I've ridden at least this far on many occasions but the only time I ever "raced" was during Pumpkinman last October and I have to say I was pretty much on my own there except for those from the longer distances going by me climbing up from boulder beach to boulder City.

I did watch the Coprorate Challenge race last year and know that there will be a mass start and everyone will have to sort themselves out according to their abilities as the race progresses.  What I'm not sure about is how should I attack this race and what strategy should I use over the next couple of weeks to prepare.

My morning training loop is a good one mile loop but it does have a bit of elevation change with about half of it uphill and half down with almost no level ground.  Is this good to practice on since the course at the speedway will be basically flat with the exception of the tunnel and entrance/exit into the speedway itself?

As for the distance I am stepping up my morning routine to 12 miles per day this week and 14 per day next week in preparation for the event.  I also plan on at least one longer ride both this weekend and next in the 16 to 20 mile range.

Does anyone think this is enough or should I do more?  I should put here the disclaimer that by no means do I see myself winning my age group.  I just want to finish and hopefully not be last!