Monday, January 31, 2011

I need a plan

OK, I’ve been winging it in terms of my working out for the last few weeks and I’ve realized that its not been very productive. Without a plan of action, I’m finding it too easy to put off my working out. Too easy to think “I’ve got time,” or “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Well my tomorrows are running out if I hope to be in any kind of real shape to compete in the Rage Triathlon on April 16.

April 16 is only 10 ½ weeks away. 75 days is all I have to whip my butt into some sort of shape to complete the event. I haven’t even walked more than a quarter mile at a time since Pumpkinman in October, let alone started any kind of running program. I haven’t been in the water since then either.

No more excuses. Time to lay out a training plan and then get to completing it. I have to put in the work if I’m going to get the results.

As such I’m now going to lay out my plan for getting my training in between now and April 16. Generally speaking my plan is to Swim at least one day a week, bike 3 days a week and walk/run 3 days per week. Some weeks I may in fact do more than this, but I hope to not do less. This week I am planning on doing a minimum of 35 miles on the bike ( 2 x 10 mile morning rides and a longer 15 mile ride to blue diamond on the weekend). I’m also looking at walking 3 days at 2 miles each for a total of 6 miles. Lastly a swim of 1000 yards.

The flip side of this is to watch my calorie intake. If I can also trim another 30 or 40 pounds during the same time frame, then I’m doubly a winner.

So, to keep myself accountable, I’m going to publish each week’s plan and then each week’s actually training right here for all to see.